Toss No Mas

New Mexico Department of Transportation

RK Venture

Mario Diaz Bustamante / Motion Graphic Artist, Video Producer and Production Artist
Rebecca Hahs / Senior Design Director
Rachel Kennedy / Copywriter
Mario Moreno / Production Artist
Nick Tauro Jr / Broadcast Creative Director
Richard Kuhn / Executive Creative Director

Toss No Mas was a really popular campaign among New Mexicans in the 90's. 
In 2021, the New Mexico Department of Transportation brought to our attention that "Roadside litter was becoming once again a persistent issue in the state". At RK Venture, we were given the task to give the spanish slogan a modern look as well as a new logo. For this re-release of the campaign we created a fun jingle spoofing a song from the 80's which became really popular and catchy all over the state of New Mexico. Also, to support the campaign, digital ads, social media campaigns along with static graphics such as billboards were created containing how litter affects New Mexico communities, advice on how to tie/tarp loads on vehicles and ways to get involved and volunteer in their neighborhoods.
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